Wednesday, January 30, 2008

JB Shopping!

My family and I (excluding my sis) and Celeste (bro's gf) went into JB on Sunday afternoon.

Celeste just got her eyelash extensions done! So tempted to do so as mine are quite non-existent & I end up looking like a panda bear whenever I wear mascara! Yet am worries it might be damaging to whatever I have left of my pathetic eyelashes!

Mom, bro & I were busy trying out clothes and poor Celeste ended up with 4 bags being "hanged" on her!

(Left to right) Peanut pancake, raisin scones & an egg tart!

Baskin Robbins! Used to enjoy it in Perth. Don't have in S'pore leh...

BBQ gizzard

BBQ chicken wings

Long beans to be BBQ soon

Satisfying meal. Food's all gone & plates are cleared

To ensure dad's beer stays really cold, drink stall uncle has frozen water in the base of the glass. Smart thinking!

Apparently, the dog mascot logo in JB is different from the one in S'pore. This one here is a grouchy bulldog that looks so cute!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tattoos In Class

Who says kids in special schools can't be cool? Mine are happening ok!

Colourful musical notes

Many hearts in one

Pink flower

Butterfly & flower

Wishing Star!

These were done using special pens that that have water-soluble inks, non-toxic & safe to use on skin. They can be easily wiped off with a warm, damp cloth.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


We saw these two dogs at the flea market. I petted them though 1 growled at me.

These two are my mom's friend's dogs...female Shelties, which my Furby got quite excited & mad over!

The most handsome & cutest of all (as proclaimed by my mom & sis), Furby Koh! :)

Flea Mkt again!

On the 19 of January, me, mom, brother, Celeste (his gf) & cell member, Sharon, had a flea market thingy again!

Celeste & me!

Huge pile of clothes!

The healthy snack I bought along, with cold powdered milk some more ok! As usual, it as fun but tiring! You really get to see all kinds of people!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stuff in Class (Part 1)

We do lots of fun things in class so that the kids get lots of stimulation & sensory input.

We did painting of fruits last week & "planted" a tree outside class using leftover Christmas wrapping paper.

Class 13P birthday fruits tree!

We had our weekly walk in the park on Thursday. Huge giant bubbles created using the extra large wand.

The kids were so fascinated by it as they tracked the bubble floating all around them! It was so cool!

We celebrated Evangeline's belated birthday in class on Monday. Nice chocolate covered cake! Got 10% off some more!

Fish nuggets, soon kueh, chips & fish crackers brought by teachers & parents.

Bo bo cha cha cooked by a kids' mom. Was so touched by the gesture & it was thick, fragrant & nice k!

January Babies in Cell

We celebrated the January babies birthdays in cell on Friday.

Chocolate Indulgence cake from Bengawan Solo that I had to get myself on behalf of everyone. Thus I had to freedom to choose what I like to eat! Haha!

(Left to right) Raymond, Wai Wai & me!

Blow wind blow! Phew!

Wai Wai & me!

Thank you for blessing us with supper, Raymond!

Packing Lunch to School

To save money, I sometime pack my lunch to school. It's healthy & I get to eat what I like/want. How cool!

Broccoli & sweet sour pork chops

Veggies, fish in super black sauce & chicken chops in sweet & sour sauce.

As you can see, I like my chops especially with lots & lots of tomatoes! *slurp*

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Pal's House: Makeover leh!

A very good friend of mine added some special touches to her house recently. Here's sharing some of the ones I like with you!

New fish-comers into the tank!

Old MacDonald Had a Farm! Look! Even the chicken lay eggs! Haha!

The little doggy is lost among the lime-green money plants.

Golden Showers that she likes tremendously. Just don't get her any snakes as she's terrified of them!

My favourite! Only $2.50! Pal, get me one or a few k? Haha! Thanks!

What I like best: Cows drinking water in the countryside!

What I like least: Litterbugs at her block, despite a big dustbin right in your face! *duhz*!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Random Stuff in School

In the Toy Library, these are some of my & the kids' favourite toys!

Wooden cars roller coaster, whee!!

A toy which is good for us to vent our frustrations whenever we are upset.

We did yummy wholemeal bread French Toast on Wednesday! The delicious smell could be
smelt (if there is such a word!) from outside the class *drool*

Finished final product. As usual, the kids ate almost everything all up. Nothing much left to pack home or give away....

When we ran out of bread, we used the leftover beaten eggs to cook a thin omelette!

Something I had for dinner at the coffeeshop before my aerobics session on Thursday evening. Apparently it's their specialty dish. Found it too salty for my liking.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Pasta Galore!

We had housecraft in class on Tuesday coz the Life & Social Skills Room was "out of order". We had to bring the portable hotplate, pots, knife, chopping boards & stuff we needed to class.

Dish of the Day: Tomato sauce based spiral pasta

New brand of sauce I found in the supermkt which is quite nice with chunky stuff in it!

Chicken sausage hotdogs that the kids helped to chopped & sliced.

Finely chopped tomatoes that 1 of the caregiver kindly helped us with.

3 slices of cheese to make the sauce thick & gooey!

The final product! Most of the kids had about second servings k! Woo hoo! So give me face! Haha!