Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Brother came back with these lovely covers from Taiwan, am using the hot pink one since there was no red one in sight. Next best alternative mah......
Giant yummy bowl noodles with meat chucks from a silver foil satchet leh & minced pork from a tin!

Salted egg custard buns, soft & fluffy when piping hot. Know where I can get good ones that are worth the calories??

OOh oh oh guess how much is this lovely waterproof colourful polka dotted bag? Only $5 from Tekka Market 2nd floor of the hawker centre!

Lovely plushies from my school's Resource Centre for the kids to play & enjoy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Food" for real??

Don't the fries look yummy? Prata looks good too!
How creative! Someone made these in school for Racial Harmony Day celebration on 14/7.
Real food, homecooked yummy porridge of spinach, carrots, chicken or minced pork & canned peanuts with lots of pepper!
One of the 1st dishes I had upon coming back from India. My fav. duck kuay chap with kiam chai at Aljunied.
Love the japanese beef curry from Ichiban Sushi.

Back from Hyderabad, India!

Hello there regular readers who check in here on a regular basis,

Am back! It has been a faith-building & awesome trip as we saw how God moved powerfully in the lives of many!

Indeed, miracles still do exist today! If only we have the faith to believe!

Shall ty to update in here more often! :)