Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Creative Tues!

We had art & craft today....

Grey mouse

Orange mouse

1 side orange, the other side grey. 2 paper plates "kiap" together, stapled & filled with white sago to make your own musical shaker!

Someone spilled lots of sago all over the floor! Messy!

Nice right?

A Beautiful Wed!

Was blessed with handmade mango pudding from a pupil's mom! Gosh! She used 3 real mangoes! All I could bite into was chunks & mouthfuls of mango! Very little jelly! This kind, I like! Haha!

I can paint a rainbow.....

Styrofoam cup printing

Play Doh! Used to love it when I was young. That's a very creepy "Very Hungry Caterpillar"!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Fruitful Sat!

It was my appt. to donate plasma again. I went down to the blood bank to do so after my physio appt. at SGH.

What a cute Blood Drop mascot eh? I have a smaller squeezable version at home with arms & legs!

Post donation snack, had extra treat of green bean soup from the cafe aunty!

Lina's side view of her bob crop!

Tried to snap a shot of us while she was driving! tsk tsk!


Lina dropped me off at Toa Payoh, I ended up buying these 3 tops at $10 each & the "881" VCD!

Food Treat!

I decided to give the caregivers in my class a food treat since they have been so helpful & supportive of me, esp. when I'm on my own.

Thai Tom Yum Fish Cakes, on offer (Dodo brand), $2. Oil was too hot, got abit burnt!

Pasta I brought from home. There was shredded chicken, mushrooms & cheese in the tomato-based sauce.

Hot dogs never fail to please in every meal!

Toasted chicken nuggets in the toaster oven (hot & crispy!) & veggie crisps cooked by one of the caregiver.

Close up view of it

Magical Bubbles Moment 1

Magical Bubbles Moment 2

Arm Wrestling@L-Cell???

Wai Wai & I were much blessed by Christina last Wednesday evening@L-Cell. She cooked us a homecooked dinner of tasty chicken porridge with fishballs! Thanks for filling our tummies & warming our hearts!

We had a very interesting time of warm up!

SL arm-wrestling with Han!!

Ban Seng with Kok Yung!

Gary with Kok Yung!

Guess who won?! *grin*

Friday, February 22, 2008

Art Workshop in School

Thank you Leng Leng, for organizing for the PM session! Sure appreciate the effort ya?

Hard at work (Part 1)

Hard at Work (Part 2)

Waffle tracks on clay??!! I must be hungry when making this!

Group work 1

Group work 2

Group work 3

Group work 4

Last Day of the Lunar New Year

Just a random picture of my used to death 256 MB thumbdrive with an Ee Yore keychain attached to it. So cute hor?

Mom & sis were vegetarian thus we ended up with this "fake" Salmon Yu Sheng, looks so real hor? But when you chew on it, u know it's not real by its texture.

After-tossed look!

Some vegetarian dishes: steamed cod fish (Teochew style), oatmeal prawns, sambal kangkong & mapo silken toufu

Sinful late night supper with grandma & parents@Circuit Rd. This fish & chips is the best I've tasted so far! A hotly crispy toasted bun some more! Very old school lor!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Esther's Water Baptism!

Another cell member, Esther, got water baptised last Sunday at the 11.30am service@PL! Praise God for it!

Esther & her sis

Chirpy, excited yet nervous!

Esther & me!

Wai Wai, Esther & Ps. Kenny (who's going down into the water too!!)

Share share your testimony! Go girl!

Here we go!

Oh how lovely we all look! :)
Esther, we cellies love u lots! Congrats!