Friday, November 30, 2007

Fiona's List of Most Wanted!

Hello dear friends & people who love me lots,

Instead of getting me something which is not of much use to me, let me help you out this year.

For Christmas & my birthday (which is coming up soon!), do get me something practical that I can use in everyday life from the list of items that I have listed below.

Do note that the list is not exhaustive & I will keep adding on to it from time to time.

Fiona's List of Most Wanted:

(1) Mouthwash (either Colgate Plax or Listerine Shiny Brite)

(2) Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser (for oily & combi skin)

(3) Green Bean Mask Pack from The Face Shop

(4) Any good brand of leave-in hair condition or hair serum/oil

(5) Foot Powder (to keep my tosies dry)

(6) New single-sized bedsheets (100% cotton please!)

(7) Any kind of Body Lotion

(8) Any kind of Hand Lotion

(9) A good eye serum for eye bags & dark circles

(10) Hairbands

(11) Bilberry Leave-In Detangler (with UV protection) from The Body Shop

(12) Za Dark Circles Gone Eye Mask (from Watsons)

(13) Aqurea Moisturising Cream (ICM Pharma brand) (from Unity)

(14) 71% Ecuador dark chocolate from

Thanking you all so much in advance! *hugs* Love u all lots too! :)

Flea Market Galore@Tanglin Mall

My 1st attempt at running a flea mkt stall was on 3rd Nov. 2nd attempt was on 8th Nov. Finally, 3rd try on 1st Dec. This one at Tanglin Mall is very established coz it has been going on for many years & the traffic flow is very strong.

Usually it's on every 1st & 3rd week of the month. But for the festive season in the months of November & December, it's on every week of the month. This is something not many people are aware of.

What are you looking at ah? Haha!

Digging hard at work!

Side view of mom "keeping an eye" on the goods.

It's really a pick-up-whatever-you-want kind of flea mkt. You can't be too structured or rigid. If not, you will end up throwing a huge tantrum on the floor coz it's too much for you to take!

Nasi Lemak!

Some time in September last year, my cell group sold nasi lemak & its cousins (fried ikan billis, peanuts, chilli & otak) to raise funds for our church building fund. It was tiring but very fun trying to get everything sold so that we don't have to "ta pao" all of it home!

(hint): Notice my medusa looking curls?

Thanks to Sharon's exceptionally superb cooking skills! She prepared all these by herself leh.

Want to buy any? *grin*

Some People Have No Sense

A couple of months ago, I was rudely awakened from my deep slumber by shouts of panic & horror from my siblings.

"Che, wake up! Somebody poured paint on mummy's car! Quick come down & look".

Look I will but sure didn't appreciate looking at it at 7am!

Apparently, someone has REALLY poured paint onto her car. Our neighbours' car, (2 houses away) also got it. We called the police who came, asked some lame useless questions, scribbled details but still could not do anything about it. *some help*

We were told that this was not the first time it has happened. Someone has also poured super heavy duty glue on my neighbour's car as well. Mmmm....starting to sound suspicious. In fact, we have a "suspect" in mind.

We reckon this poor suspect has such poor communication or language skills that he or she is not able to verbalize or make his or her frustrations made known had any of our cars blocked his or her runway. I thought he or she would have more class than to resort to something as despicable & lowly as to pour paint. What an insult to yourself, don't you think?

Apparently, Sunshine Terrace has just gotten less "sunshiney".....

To Rebond or not to Rebond?

That is the question I have been asking myself & a few close friends around me recently.

Horror of horrors: Perhaps attempt to curl or perm my hair again?

I can't how?

Do I want to sit for hours & hours (at least 5 hours straight for my stubborn hair) until my bottom's flat?

Am I able to tolerate not being able to wash or tie up my hair (thus looking like a "ghost") for a couple of days?

Can I bear to part with the $200+ should I decide to go ahead with it?

Oh my dear counsellors, what would you all suggest? Feel free to email me or drop your comments in here.

Oh by the way, did I tell you all that I am quite inclined to have purple highlights done? Have been drooling over them for quite some time.

Thanks! :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fun Moments & Sweet Memories in School

Here are some random photos from school.

The Children's Day Committee hard at work! Notice the creative usage of the boxes from Ikea?

Some of the art pieces we did in class.

Using beans of all kinds, white glue, felt & various textured materials.

Me with a "tattoo". Had a hard & painful time scrapping it off my face later *ouch*

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Fruits" of My Labour

Look at some of the techniques I picked up from the workshop. My humble creations & 1st attempt into the world of endless impossibilities! Want a flatter tummy? Longer hair? Erase those eyebags & dark circles? Eradicate that huge blemish on yr nose? Eerr...sorry hor, you might have to wait a while before I get the hang of things ya?

I cropped this metal pot from a photo & did the "fake" flowers & leaves on it. Nice hor? So delicate, feminine. The background is done using "splatter spray" technique.

This was done using the "Kaleidoscope" feature of the Corel Picture X program.

This is what I'd call "rojak". It is MY creation after all. I can call it whatever i want!

Cute hor? Hungry? Nissin cup Noodles......*slurp* :P

Bear Fruit Heritage "Digital Art" Workshop

Hello! I sure have been busy! I attended the above-mentioned workshop on 26 & 27 November, conducted free by the National Library Board (NLB), held at Toa Payoh Library (9am to 5pm).

On the 1st day, we meet Mr. Damien Wang, a librarian from the NLB at the main entrance of Sultan Mosque at 10.30am. We were told to be there with our digital cameras & drawing mediums & art materials. Along Arab Street, there were many buildings with very interesting architectual details & special features.

Upon reaching there, I was introduced to the trainer for the day, Mr. Tan Haur, who's an accomplished artiste himself. ( We were told to take some pictures of the buildings around us while waiting for the others to come. There were quite a few SPED teachers too. Some were from SAVH, some from LKC.

When all had arrived, we took a less than 5 mins walk over to the Children Little Mueseum. In there, you will find many toys from the days of our past.

Me standing outside the entrance of the Children Little Museum (40, Kandahar Street, Tel: 96257300). Entry fee is only $2!

Have some of you watched this before? This was way before my time. Some of you "more mature" folks might have fond & fun memories of it.......

Oooohh! Found anything you like? I do remember playing with some of these toys leh!

Traditional ice-kachang & F&N?

Tick tocks, nick nacks, bric brats & what have u? Some of the vintage watches were going for like $100 to $280! *whew* Being old sure ain't cheap! In fact, you increase in value!

I think the photos speak for themselves. Some of you might feel nostalgic already......

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Special Deepavali!

Every year, I'd be invited to my pal's house to celebrate Deepavali. Basically, I go there to not only celebrate this special occasion with her family but to enjoy the yummy & fantastic free food she dishes out so generously to her guests! Some of our colleagues from school were also there to join in the festivities!

And of coz, how could I forget a special photo of me & my godson! He has been a wonderful source of joy, fun & doing "nonsensical" stuff together behind his mother's back ever since we met! His mom is always coming after us with a carving knife! Haha!

Water Baptism Weekend

Last weekend, both my cell member, Sharon & my best friend, Lina, got water baptised! I am so happy for them for taking this step of faith & in obedience for doing so! Some cell members even commented that Sharon looked younger upon emerging out from the baptism pool! Haha! Sure or not??? Eternal fountain of youth? I also want leh!
Lina, I'd like to let you know that I've been much blessed by your presence in my life. Though our friendship has gone thru many ups & downs, it has definitely grown stronger! What a blessing you have been! I am also so proud of you for finally going ahead to be water baptised! What JOY it must be for our Abba Father!