Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Stuff For Sale!

MVHG Unplugged

Lovely Handmade Necklaces & Chockers with Love!

These lovely necklaces & chockers were made by a good friend. They are for sale to raise funds for my school's fundraising carnival. Do browse & message me if you are interested in any of them. Thanks!

Double Whammy!

Yeah, the toenail's ingrown again in less than 1 month! Argh! And it's deeper than the last time. Really have to consider permanent nail removal surgery. Have fixed appointment with SGH Podiatry on 27/11.
So drama right? *sigh* All will be well soon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

North@PL, L-Summit

Always so wonderfully blessed by Patrick & Angela!
They blessed us with breakfast & homemade coffee. What a great pick me up on an early Saturday morning.
Aiyo! It was fun but we just could not complete the 250 piece puzzle in 10 minutes. Boo hoo!
Wah! Thank you Ps. Kenny for the yummy brunch treat! Heart's warmed & tummy's filled!
L-Summit this time round was very interactice & experiential & there was no way you can fall asleep. We took time to go through the various stations as we rediscover the joy of being in ministry.
Thank you Lord for refreshing, renewing & re-anointing us! Help us to stay close to You & that we will draw strength from You, the Source of All. Let us also never be too proud to receive grace from You too!
Thank you Sharon for blessing us with sweet & sticky treats from Taiwan! :)

Recent Eats!

Baked chicken from Hans. What a huge chunk!
Yeaps I could not resist when I went to Shell next to church to feed the car. Tapioca chips with.....
....mayonaise seafood seasoning! A once in a blue moon treat lah.
Packed dinner home tonight as everyone was busy. Had this handmade dry noodles from the coffeeshop beside Xin Min Sec Sch.
Delicious with extra chilli & 2 limes!