Monday, April 26, 2010

Project 365: 21 April, 2010

I am so surprised & glad to find out Burger King at Ion serves garden salads as their side dishes now! Think only selected outlets. Small salad is a choice of side whereas the large salad ($3.50) is an order on its own. Am happy with their generous salad dressing portions in little pkts.
Spicy drumlets were quite hot & yummy too....tasty...

Prject 365: 20 April, 2010

Happy fishes in a fish bowl!

Project 365: 19 April, 2010

Brought the kids on a class outing to City Square Mall. This was the Sky Terrace Garden on the 6th flr.
New views hor? Windy too. Good place to blow bubbles & have the wind pick them up & scatter them everywhere!
Yummy homecooked & decorated bee hoon from Yusaku's mom. Thanks for the treat!
Watched Clash of the Titans on Monday & Date Night on Tuesday, made good use of the $2 off discount voucher.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

HK Dessert at AMK Jubilee

Mango sago pomelo
Mango sago with ice-cream, both were thick & shiok in consistency....worth a try! Not many places serve such good mango sago....
Steamed pear (got steamed papaya & apple too) with milk pudding
Christina's can't remember what paste...tasted slightly burnt & weak & watery...not worth the calories at all....
2 half-eaten to varying degrees of steamed apples and pears!! :)

Project 365: 18 April, 2010

Tried this prawn noodles stall along Paya Lebar Rd. My pork ribs bee hoon soup, $4.
Esther's prawn, ribs & pig's tail bee hoon soup, $6. The nor hiang there was not bad too, abit ex though.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Project 365: 17 April, 2010

3 cubes of Laughing Cow cheese: Tomato, Plain & Ham flavours....yum yum tum!

Nice, slim looking shot of me! :)

Project 365: 16 April, 2010

Blusher & loose powder in convenient container that you can shake directly onto the puff and there's a mirror on the cover too....both on sale at O2 at the moment.....
Mix mix the paint...
Squish squash as I paint with my fingers....sensory input...lots of it...

Project 365: 15 April, 2010

Makings of a Simple Vegetable Soup
Potatoes & tomatoes
Carrots, short beans, cabbage, cauliflower
Various seasonings...
Homemade boiled soup stock of ikan billis, soyabeans & dried scallop!
All nicely chopped up
Final end product, we threw in 2 cakes of noodles too...*yums*

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Project 365: 14 April, 2010

Blessed by 2 huge servings of homemade pumpkin steamed cake from YH's mom. It was chockful of mushrooms, pumpkin & dried shrimps. It was slightly on the sticky side & the kids ate it all up!
Steamed little egg-less muffins. Very fragrant. Brought home some for mom to try. She liked it!

Project 365: 13 April, 2010

Very basic simple work system I was trying out with a kid. Yeah he can do it! Though he didn't like No. 1 activities & hid them so he didn't have to do it!
It was pouring heavily after school. 1 of my kid put this on. Cute hor? But I think raincoats are very hot to wear right? Sure melt inside?

Project 365: 12 April, 2010

My 2nd time enjoying the 50% off pasta, snackers, cakes & coffee drinks from 9pm onwards. I didn't have a proper dinner & brother & his friends didn't have any dinner, thus that makes us hungry people!
Lots of butter for my mom for the break heads (ends!)
Garlic creamy mussles: Not bad though would have preferred the dish to arrive piping hot, rather than lukewarm.
Oh oh this was fabulous! Pan-fred macaroni with chicken & mushrooms in special sambal sauce! Fat huge chunks of mushrooms! I love!
Fried chicken so only lah....
Ribs was super long & huge (lip-smacking good!) I like the way it feel off so easily off the bone. The aglio olio was too dry & not tasty enough though.
Cheesy meatballs baked in tomato sauce. This was so yummy!
Spaghetti in tomato sauce with chicken chop. Ok lah.
Fried calamari....also ok lah.
Woo hoo! This was the best! Deep fried ribs in special sauce. Yeah super sinful but well worth every calorie! Woot! It's gorgeous! Haha! :P

Hazelnut mocha was most of their coffee drinks though I could only take a few sips if not sure up the whole night!

Well worth every dollar spent too as all these were 50%. We also took the opportunity to try out dishes that we would normally not try.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Project 365: 11 April, 2010

Just little o'l me! 2nd non-food related post in Project 365!

Project 365: 10 April, 2010

Thank you Yean Cheng, for reminding us how "uglified" we were made up for RBR!
Yes, "Aunty Lucy" here.....
The real & original me! :P

Realised this is my 1st Project 365 post that is NOT on FOOD! LOL! :)

Project 365: 9 April, 2010

Shared mixed grill with Mindy before cell last Friday. Looks good but quite awful & yucky actually. Corner western food stall at the AMK hawker centre near the polyclinic. Cost $7.50 some more! BLAH! :(
Tried this new HK dessert shop at AMK Jubilee after cell as it ended miraculously early at 9.50pm!! I had the durian paste with purple glutinous rice. It was very rich & tasty though I am not particularly crazy about durians. Got abit "jer lat" after a few mouthfuls though I know Christina will go ga ga over it!!
Muah chee with peanut & black sesame...powder was too fine to taste much of anything....
Esther's mini wooden tub of what huh??

Ta dah!!! It's healthy & light on the palette. Double boiled pear with fungus...i think....this place is definitely worth a 2nd visit!

In fact, I revisted the place on Wednesday evening with Christina. And she did drool & went gaga over the durain milk shake with durian flesh!

It's located at the 1st floor of AMK Jubilee, opposite Popeye's Chicken.