Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Preview of my new HairDo!

A preview of my newly chopped locks! Gosh! I am so brave! I finally did it! Of coz heartpain la but being practical wins over vanity this time round. The weather's finally too hot for me to take. I've never had my hair cut so short since Sec 1 ok!

Definitely a "breakthrough"!

Food Fair@Expo!

Mabel & I went to Expo to check out the Food Fair, Robinsons & Popular Fairs on Saturday. Phew! It was so tiring as we walked & walked & shopped & ate for hours! Feet ached like mad after that!

She bought 12 ice-cream cones, nicely packed in a ice-cooler bag

Me & my fav. multi-grain bread

Owl brand Kopi-C the dark blue cloth bag with the owl print on it though.

Fresh hot crispy waffles with warm Belgium to-die-for Belgium chocolate

Utterly melt-in-your-mouth yam paste with ginkgo nuts from Teochew City Restaurant. I can eat this forever & ever! :P

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Healthy Jap Food b4 Cell!

Was blessed by a simple & healthy Japanese meal by Sharon, that was delicious, fast & ez to cook & amazingly wonderful!

Fresh plump cherries bought from the wholesaler at Pasir Panjang

Soba noodles. You have to soak it in iced water after boiling it

Must place in a nice Jap tray, eat already then got mood k!

U can do the same thing with udon noodles too

This is the special soya sauce that you dip your chilled noodles in. It's very flavourful & just a little goes a long way!

Dried sea kelp, supposed to be good for your hear & skin

All you have to do is to soak it in hot water till it expands, drain it & season it with sesame oil & salad dressing

Yellow pickle, my mom's fav!

Juicy oranges to finish the meal on a sweet note!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What Kind Do You Have?

Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Interesting Random Snacks in School

Chocolate-covered dates from Dubai from a kid's dad.

I hate dates but the chocolate made it easier to go down. There was a crunchy almond in the middle too!

Twiggies: Chocolate flavour! Vanilla one is not bad too. $1 for 2 pieces from the school canteen. Sinful but so shiok!

Nice rojak: only crunchy you char kuay at the coffeeshop when we go for our weekly walks.

This is not exactly a snack. They looked so cute, I just had to post it up! Look carefully, each of them have different intricate details leh!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Can't Bake Cookies for Nuts!

I added too much vegetable oil into this mix. Instead of 1/4 cup, I added 1/2 cup thus the liquidy texture.

This one came out quite fine

The first batch that cannot make it & landed straight into the bin!

Ta da! Practice makes perfect what!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Australian flowers from mummy dearest!

Golden showers for grandma

Me & my mumps!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Want to Go Further

It has been abt 3 years since I've obtained my DISE (Diploma in Special Education) qualification. Having worked in this field for close to 6 years, it is time for me to upgrade, update myself & renew my passion & increase my knowledge & expertise in this area.

How, what & when, I really don't know yet. All I know is that God has been placing the right people and connections along the way so far. I pray that in whatever decision I make in the end will be guarded by God's peace and blessed assurance.

Lord, may Your perfect will be done.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Taiwan Snacks

The army sent my brother to Taiwan for 21 days recently. On his trip back, he bought lots of goodies & food stuff courtesy of the $100 I gave him!

Lao po bing, tai yang bing, mango pudding, egg rolls.

Famous pineapple cakes!! I love them lots!

Same thing as above but in nicer packaging

Flossy tooth picks things

Packed & stuffed all in a huge box

Instant soup mix that comes together with the yummy instant box noodles

Beside my HP, this was how huge the cakes were!

Simply mouth-watering!

Funky coloured shoes (which i tink it's ugly) my brother bought for himself.

New Toy!!!

Had strong craving for mangosteens. Saw them on the way to cell & bought a bagful! Been years since I last ate them!

Couldn't resist arranging them like this la.....

Nice hor?

So beautiful!

My new toy that burnt a large hole in my pocket!! $120!!!

Lovely, luscious, classy red casing (I heart!), Samsung 160BG hard disk *meltz*

Cell-Bonding Activity!

Hard at work. Even the kids are having a ball of a time!

Paper towel cut outs

What a messy spread

Gideon's water baptism gift, from one kid to another. How sweet!

So countryside-like hor?

Sylvia's tile. I helped with the writing ok!

Mine, for my mummy dearest!