Saturday, July 31, 2010

Soaking My Feet

Pail of hot warmish (got such a term?) water

Finly grinded medical herbs

A tablespooon & a half full of powder into the water

In my feet go!

Ooohh relaxing, soothing & feet smooth after the soak. Lots of moisturizer after that. This is supposed to help draw toxins out from the body, helps one sleep better & even lose weight!

Friday, July 30, 2010

More Random Pics!

Can you imagine this came out from a instant package? Looks good right? Tasted quite yummy too (abit too sweet though), love the salty & sweet flavours in every biteful.

Harjass, thank you for sharing these with us. What are these called??

Lunch from my favourite food stall with my favourite items: baked beans with luncheon meat cubes, tofu with 1/4 salted egg & century egg & MUSHROOMS! Love mushrooms so very much!

A fruit vending machine came to school on Tuesday & I love the convenience of having chilled fruits anytime I want. It costs $1 per cup serving. I like the papaya & guava the best!

Our own mixed version with Yusaku's apples!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What I Had For Dinner

Fan Choy from the coffeeshop bought earlier in the afternoon during lunch.

Edamame....japanese green peas....not too sure what they're called but they're good for you!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another 5 More Random Pictures!

Wang Cafe at Airport's T3 has Ah Wang desserts which are so so only though they are attractively presented. The yam paste was more like thick shake then paste. Quite disappointing.
Oh well, try once liao, then never go back again lor.

The 2 cloth bags mom & sis got. Am still on look out for the patchwork & cartoon one. Anyone care to do a swop? Pretty please!?!

Brown Brother's red & rose wine ROCKS! The red is so sweet I though I was drinking juice! Oh well, kind of right? Grape juice!!!

Kid enjoying sensory input from the candy-like giant puff in the multi-sensory room. I want one for my house too!!!

Boxful of shoes & AFOs on swimming day.

5 Random Pictures

Fresh baby apricots bought at the Marketplace at the Garden Festival. Juicy & sweet!

Bought the kids to the S'pore Garden Festival at Suntec City last Thursday. Here's me sitting pretty in a car booth decorated with plants & flowers.

Brother is obsessed with protein on whey form right now. Left bottle bought from Mustafa, right bottle online.

Cute right? Little mini styrofoam balls in between little cute toes, like a mini kiddie pedicure lor!

Soft, melt in your mouth egg yolk with black sauce & pepper to slurp down during housecraft! *yums*

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Manhatten Fish Market

Tuna salad...I love tuna!

Mashed potato with cheese topping....

It's tuna pie! Buy 1 Get 1 free that evening.

Ice-cream mudpie at $6.90! Not overly sweet, it was nice & I almost ate the whole thing up all my myself as my dining partner wasn't that keen on sweets.
Thank you for the great time of catching up, the golden nuggets of wisdom with regards to ministry & speaking into my life! *hugs*

Dark chocs galore! The 74% white packaging one is only $1.60, mad cheap right? 80% dark packaging premium one only $2.90. All from Carrefour! Go grab! :)

Racial Harmony Monday!!!

Masala Tea bags with a spoonful of honey from a cute cow borrowed cup from a colleague.

Yups, me & a "mysterious" colleague!

Kachang puteh store that served very nice desserts & other treats like a delicious vegetarian nasi briyani! *yums*

So creative right? Using an orange in the middle to hold everything together!

So innovative! Come right up & take your pics!

Dress-up area

Henna artwork

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Waffle-licious Wednesday!!!

It was Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Wednesdays!
With maple syrup
With chocolate sauce
Durian cake for refreshment at L-cell. Nice!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


A kid passed motion today, the soft, mashy, stuck in your butt kind.

This meant a good showering down....

I cleaned & cleaned & wonder why was there still stuff stuck in my kid's butt?

I pulled & lo & behold, pulled out a small bunch of string & a stringy piece of vegetable stuck in his butt!!! *faint*

He must have swallowed the string when he was chewing on his handkerchief & some threads came loose.

Additional source of fibre anyone??? :P

Monday, July 19, 2010

Poloraid Sweet Memories

We 3 siblings each has a special poloraid of our own! Sweet!

Putu Piring, 3 pieces for $1

Busy train of ladies getting the little mouthfuls of putu piring done at amazing speed! Opens from 11am to 11pm.
Nice, hot, fresh fluffy gula melaka inside, eaten with freshly grated coconute, what bliss! Mmmm.....
Nice nice! Don't mind coming back for more!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Indian Food Anyone??

2 Nights of Supper in a row!

I have been craving for the ngor hiang at MacPherson (at the fomer Jackson Foodcourt) for the longest time.
Imagine what bliss when my makan kakis & I had it in 2 nights in a row! Mad happy coz I love the chilli sauce with lots of peanuts in it.

The pork porridge still there but standard drop abit....maybe coz not the same lady cooking it though saw her around.

Chinese rojak of a different kind.....nice & crunchy but would have preferred the sauce to be thick & gooey....this one just dip dip quite watery leh....

Some of us went for round 2 of duck rice & innards....sweet herbal soup....

2 nights of my favourite ngor hiang & freshly fried fish cake...what bliss...can almost die happy! More importantly, the company was good! You know who you all are!
Haha! :P

Burger & Fries anyone??

3D fries leh....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sensory Art & Craft

We did this sensory art & craft activity earlier this week. These little colourful styrofoam balls stuck to YH's hands as he had glue on his hand.

Good sensory input & desensitizing! :)