Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Pics!

Silicon swimming cap to keep my precious hair dry & away from the harsh chlorine water! Paid only $0.90 as I used my $10 RSH voucher but found it cheaper at Mustafa, only $8.90!

Unique pandan cake with colourful bread middle!

Creative handmade bday cake card!

Smiley face using leftover white paint on Zi Xun's hand!

Monday, July 28, 2008

JB Trip!

Sambal fried rice from Restaurant Johnny on 3rd floor of AEON Tebrau City Shopping Centre.

Spicy chicken with white rice

Freshly BBQed honey glazed chicken wings! They are the best lor! Definitely well worth the wait!

Fried tau gey with egg toufu & crunchy bits, very fresh & nice!

3 scoops of ice-cream from the 3 set meals we ordered

3 peas in a pod!

Close up view of my apple crumble cheesecake *drool* Abit too sweet for my liking but no choice as my favourite belgium chocolate wasn't available.

Corden chicken blue, melted cheese overflowing from within & stuffed with ham! Really nice!

New 1 litre water bottle, supposedly virtually indestructible (let's see how long it will last & whether ti can withstand my kids throwing in onto the floor!) Very cheap, only RM5.80! Should have bought more as presents!

The lovely sunset in JB outside the carpark on our way home! How romantic!

Fiesta Family Day!

In charge of the Jelly aka agar agar stall!

Jelly store thus jellyfish, geddit?! *lame*

An elderly uncle enjoying his jelly lots! Most of the elderly preferred the orange flavour. They also asked for pineapple flavour...interesting hor?

A sponsor donated lots & lots of nuggets!

I've never seen so many nuggets in my life ever! It was really mass production! Smelt like a chicken too after entering the housecraft room!

A stall set up by Elderly Services selling handicrafts made by the senior citizens at the Day Activity Centre.
These eggs were really very exquisite!

My cake & cookies from Secret Recipe

Homemade cheng teng (which was very refreshing!) & tau suan


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thai Massage in Bangkok

Han, Nancy & I went for Thai Massage in Bangkok. Only about S$18 for 2 hours. I found it quite ok, painful at times though. Only gripe was it was mixed room coz I thought it'd be in individual room per person.

We had to remove our shoes & leave them in a basket which they later remembered which basket to bring out after the massage.

Outside the massage place. Quite high class with lots of well-to-do S'poreans & people there in huge groups. Long waiting time too.

Snacks I bought from Bangkok. Can you imagine what else more I'll buy later?

Anti-aging eye serum from Boots on sale & famous ancient monkey oil for my grandma & dad (had to hunt high & low for it!)