Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jackfruit & Papaya Galore plus Soyabean Milk!

Gosh! It has been almost 2 mths since I last blogged!Pardon the delay as was feeling quite down, struggling with some stuff & been hectic & busy at work too!
On Thursday, after dinner with family, felt peckish (aka greedy!) & had craving for jackfruit thus we went down to Geylang for Rochor Beancurd.
3 cups of soyabean milk (cheap@only $0.70 each!), mine's with no sugar.
Sinful indulgence! I enjoyed the egg tart & shared half a curry puff with my brother.

See how happy we were with out food.....
Classic was when we were bargaining at one of the fruit stall. Wasn't sure whether mom's a regular there but the guy juz kept stuffing the plasic bag & after a brief moment of bargaining...this was what resulted....

2 huge pkts of jackfuit, 4 smaller pkts & 2 pkts of papaya for $12! *faint* I can feast to my heart's content! Haha! :) So happy! Brought a smile to my face after a tiring & tough week!