Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dinner@Vivo with the gals!

Training at SSTI at NCSS

What a bright cheery start with Boon Hua's unique hand-woven bag. Nice hor?
A couple of us attended a 2-day training course at SSTI at Ghim Moh. After lunch on the 2nd day, snacks started piling up on the table to keep us awake! From curry tapioca chips, to organic brazil buts & even a small bunch of bananas!!!

Shopping we sure did!

Some of us went quite "mad" here. It is situated in the wet market side of the hawker centre & aptly named "The Biscuit Paradise"!

I loved the dried fruits as most of them were w/o preservatives & sugar.

Dried strawberry, apricots, gifs & cranberries!

Thanks for sharing your cute small bunch of bananas with us Yean Ping!

Giant packet of old school waffers that you buy by weight from large metal tin cans.

Coursemates & trainer

Boon Hua & me!

Trainer & me! :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

JC Gathering

Thank You All For Loving Me!

Thank you to all the kids, ex-kids & parents who have blessed me with your tokens of appreciation, my heart's really warmed as I didn't really expect much in return.

I sure will enjoy the little pot of manuka honey to soothe my throat so that can shout more eh? Haha!

Blessed Teachers' Day to all who teach, mould & guide lives!

Italian Cooking with Chef Yong: 3rd dish - Roasted Pork Loin with Herbs & Mushroom Sauce