Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tim Sum at Red Star with great people!

The siew mai was nice.
Century egg porridge was so-so only as it was on the bland side & not that thick or tasty. More on the watery side. Quite a disappointment lah.
Char siew buns were soft & fluffy. Even after they've cooled down, still taste good! Or maybe I am just mad about my char siew buns? Haha!
Side by side comparison of a normal pao & the famous huge pao!
It was so chockful of ingredients! There's salted egg, lots of yummy stuff that I enjoyed!
Soft, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth (burnt them too if they're too hot!) delicious egg tarts, fresh out from the oven. They were quivering when I liftefd them up to pop into my mouth. I LOVE egg tarts!!!
Char siew sor was ok but the spring rolls were nice & crunchy.
This guilin gao bluff one, not bitter at all. Have tried stronger & more terrible tasting ones!
Nevertheless, a good session with good company. Doing it once a month is well worth the calories!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cacio e Pepe

Hi folks, Cacio e Pepe is located at 4/5 Rochdale Road. It's along Paya Lebar Road, opposite the GG Florist.

Goggle it for the map if you need to.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

iEat Makan Session at Cacio e Pepe! (Part 5)

Italian Cheese & Cured Meat Platter! This was my favourite & I so enjoyed it! :)

Doesn't it look so enticing? The shine & sheer-ness of it??? :P

iEat Makan Session at Cacio e Pepe! (Part 4)

iEat Makan Session at Cacio e Pepe! (Part 3)

iEat Makan Session at Cacio e Pepe! (Part 2)

Dr. Leslie TayCo-owner of the restaurant

The many people

There were about 50 of us!

Doesn't his tee says it all?

Tuscan Seafood Stew

Look at that gorgeous piece of scallop & melt-in-your-mouth piece of fish!

iEat Makan Session at Cacio e Pepe! (Part 1)

Fresh crisp thinly sliced bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar dip, it's very nice!
1st dish: Marinated salmon with avocado and mango sauce with passionfruit seeds

Another view of it from another angle

All gone!