Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Arnold's Fried Chicken Experience

Yeah! Finally got to eating this famed, much talked about, finger-licking, juice-dripping feathered fowl!

Just to confirm we're at the right place!

Classic trio of teh tarik, cappacinno & healthy plain water!

Quite like their coleslaw for the flavour (abit on the sweet side) but abit too fine & chopped up for my liking. Would prefer my veggies slightly more crunchy.

Supposedly 2-persons platter with 5 pieces of chicken & other stuff.

1 whole spring chicken I shared with a friend.

Potato platter that was doubly sinful coz it's deep fried carbohydrates! *faint faint*

Squid rings

Almost all gone!

The final damage to (someone's) wallet & our clogged up arteries!!!

The chicken was very juicy (or is that oily?!) & worth every single calorie. A worthy treat once every 2 months. Any more often, I'd bein trouble with my doctors! Haha! :)

A big thank you to the 2 lunch kakis during the last week of June hols. Fellow foodies unite! :P

Thursday, June 24, 2010

JB Trip with the Siblings

Fresh thick nice luo han guo!
BBQ stingray...a hot favourite with my younger sis.

Steamed fish...traditionally done....

My ribs...all time hot favourite!!!
And you thought we stopped there after a veggie dish, small serving of hor fun & black-sauced hokkien udon mee....

We added a serving of butter crayfish (which i felt was super sinful & preferred the cereal prawns) & an additional serving of hor fun which my sis wanted.
Yeah, the 3 of us out when mom's not around! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Craft Activities (Mobile, Lantern & Weaving)

Stars & moon mobile
Instant cut out lantern, quick & easy peasy!
Weaving of bookmarks, good for fine motor practice!

$2 Sunnies from Cotton On

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lunch@Nando's@Bugis Junction

Extra-Hot Peri & Hot Peri sauces...nah, wasn't that spicy...more like salty & sourish.
Garlic pero suce & my favourite tomato sauce
The "big kid" just had to play with his sauces & pepper.....
1 whole chicken, in 2 flavours: mild & extra hot. Nando's in Perth is sssoooo much nicer. In S'pore, it's overrated. The chicken was soft & tender but tasted as if the sauces were "piak" over it after grilling. Given a choice, I'd rather go to Churco's (correct spelling?) at AMK Ave 6. More pocket friendly prices too....
I quite liked the sides of grilled veggies, potato sald, 3 beans salad & peri fries. The fries were limp & not exactly freshly hot out of the wok kind.
We must have been famished. Any cleaner & dishes won't need to be washed!

Bones & scrapes

Yummy! I like! :)

From the economical rice stall at coffeeshop opposite cell. My favourite dishes! Especially the toufu with century & salted egg. $3.
Steamed chilled papaya with snow fungus soup....

Ta dah!!! Very refreshing...this HK dessert shop is at Jubilee at AMK, opposite Popeye's Chicken.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Miracle: The Day I Cooked Lunch....

Siblings & I were left to our own antics & we were too lazy & cheap to drive out to have lunch as funder was not around. Thus I was appointed (also don't know why) to cook lunch for them. I tell you, I am not called to be a housewife lor!
Though it was gratifying to cook for your loved ones, I melted in the kitchen!
Fried non-fried noodles (oxymoron right?!)
Pan fried cheesy sausages that were delicious!
Straight out from the tin can...this was how lazy we were on Sunday....seriously!
I guess it was not all that bad coz most of the food was finished....or they were very hungry.....I think it was more of the latter lor.....

Random Weird Cute Stuff in my Life...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Feast at Ikea!

Thank you Esther & Sylvia for the great company & the sharing of calories! One more round during Life Conference k? :)