Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blessing from God! :)

What a faithful God we love & serve! I joined a contest months ago & forgot all about it. Recently, my regular sunscreen has run out & I thought of switching to a cheaper (but not as good) brand instead of sticking to the usual. Wasn't too keen to do so. Before I know it.......
Lo & behold, this arrived! (Mom went to collect it for me from SPH). Guess what were in it??

Biore's cleansing oil & cotten cleansing sheets (which I've always wanted to try but didn't get coz they were a tad costly & a luxury) & 2 tubes of facial form. Gave the moisturising one to mom. Old/mature skin needs more moisture mah...haha...mom said I "insulted" her skin type....

Happy as a lark coz now I've a good solid make-up remover for Easter. Being in the production this year means heavy "uglified" make up that needs heavy duty remover! Hopefully no post-production breakouts hor! *faint*

Even happier when I saw the other goodies coz there were 3 bottles of the same sunscreen that I was using & have run out of! Gosh! Jesus, what a detailed Blesser You are!

This whole package brought much good cheer after a tough & upsetting 2 weeks at work, home & ill-health. After being downcast & slightly discouraged, this sure was a timely pick-me-up!

Thank You Lord for Your goodness & faithfulness. Thank You for meeting my needs & wants! My heart has been warmed lots leh.....*meltz* :)