Sunday, July 1, 2007

Me me me! :)

Hello there!

Finally! My 1st entry in my blog! Never thot I'd get to it. Sure am glad I finally did it!

I am a teacher in a special school in Singapore. It has been 5 years now (in abt 3 mths time) & my passion for teaching children with special needs still runs strong!

I have been teaching pre-schoolers with special needs ever since I started. My school caters to individuals with a wide range of disabilities (e.g. Autism, Down's Syndrome, Global Delay Development, speech language impairment, etc) from age 0 to 18.

In my journey as a special educator, I have learnt lots not only abt myself but also been much blessed by my kids in class.

I sure hope I can last for another 5 more years (if not more!) in this unique field where many come & go!

In this bloggie of mine, I will be sharing lessons learnt, experiences & my thoughts & emotions at work & in church!

Cheers! :)